Interior design trends to look out for in the second half of 2018

At the beginning of the year, we released a lookbook detailing all the hottest interior design trends for 2018. (If you missed out on a copy, you can still get one when you sign up to our newsletter!). Now that 2018 is getting closer to the halfway mark, it’s time for an update.

Looking to the rest of the year, what big design trends are on the horizon?

We asked our design guru, Noelene Arnup, from the Lekeal Selection Centre in Albury, for the latest and greatest custom home trends that are taking the year by storm. Noelene works tirelessly to make sure every Lekeal custom home has the perfect finishing touches, from wall colours and benchtops to tiles and tapware. She’s got her finger on the pulse when it comes to everything interior design.

Here’s what she had to say!

Move over, monochrome – it’s time for terracotta

It’s been all about high-contrast, black and white interiors for a while and now we’re seeing that look make way for more earthy tones.

Shades like terracotta, tan and sienna and even deeper rust reds are showing up in wall colours and bricks, but I think we’ll also be seeing them in tiles and finishes. Natural wood and other organic materials are also popular choices, and Australia has such beautiful native timbers that we love to highlight in panelled ceilings and other custom home features!

We’ll also be seeing some bold colour coming through, but more in the deep greens and blues – rich, luxe, velvety colours. I’ve just painted one of the feature walls in the Selection Centre a deep, dark petrol green to show off our tapware, and it looks fantastic!

In general, we’re moving away from that monochrome, minimalistic, industrial look, and coming back to a more earthy, homely style that showcases accessories and trinkets – and the colour trends reflect that shift.

Terracotta colour and style livingroom

The lowdown on flooring – terrazzo is back

Terrazzo flooring is a classic Italian tradition, and it’s making a comeback. It has a similar look to polished concrete, with chips and flecks of colour throughout. We’ve got some great new terrazzo tiles in stock in soft greys and white with flecks of brick and black, through to dark, dramatic tones.

The beauty of terrazzo tiles is that you can get that polished concrete look without the cost, and with no grout lines to give it away. They’re at the higher end price-wise for tiles, but still quite affordable.

And it’s not just limited to kitchens and bathrooms – terrazzo looks great throughout the whole house. Because of the mix of colours in the surface, it works well with all sorts of interiors.

Other interior design trends we’ve been seeing are tessellated tiles in modern designs, which are great for feature tiling in kitchens and bathrooms, and large-format floor tiles with unique designs that imitate stone and marble. It’s time to create a bathroom that’s a little different to the rest!

Specialty appliances and spaces built to entertain

Butler’s pantries are still big, and I think just about every house we build has one! The great thing about butler’s pantries is that they keep all the mess and clutter of the kitchen out of the way, and provide extra space for food prep to improve kitchen workflow. They’re so convenient that I can’t see them going away anytime soon.

With all of your everyday appliances tucked away in the butler’s pantry, there’s more room in the kitchen for specialty appliances. At Lekeal we’re increasingly getting requests for things like inbuilt coffee machines and wine fridges.

If you’re building a custom home, why not go for the luxuries and mod cons that make life a bit more special?

One thing these trends have in common is entertaining. People want to play host with as little fuss and as much fun as possible. That’s why outdoor kitchens and al fresco dining areas are still a popular request – our clients want to take advantage of the great weather here along the Murray. We actually have more hours of sunshine in Yarrawonga than the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast!

Polish up with metallic finishes

All that glimmers is the theme for the little interior design details this year – metallics are showing in everything from tapware, light fittings and handles to picture frames, lamp bases and even occasional furniture.

Gold is a great choice for elegant interiors, while brushed nickel, gunmetal grey, and chrome provide the finishing touches to a more industrial look. Brass is another option that looks bold but fits in with a range of interiors. We’re still seeing a bit of rose gold, but I think it’s on the way out.

For a modern look, there’s also matte black, which is very versatile in kitchens and bathrooms and complements a wide range of colours and materials. It looks great in tapware, but you’ll also notice it showing up in appliances, flatware and décor accessories like lamps and clocks.

Shiny chrome bathroom tap handles

Lighten up – and under

Pendant lights with retro filament bulbs are the latest look. The feel is industrial, but also elegant – statement fittings with the warm glow of old-fashioned Edison bulbs. All of the metallic finishes I just mentioned work well here, depending on the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

As the cost of LED lighting drops, more people are adding strip lighting to their kitchens and bathrooms. Under cabinets and vanities, strip lighting is practical but subtle. I’ve also seen some dramatic coloured bathroom spotlights that look like they come from a sci-fi movie, but you don’t have to go that far!

Filament bulb hanging over kitchen bench

Ask Noelene – she knows!

At Lekeal, our clients love chatting to Noelene about their interior design dilemmas, and Noelene loves coming up with solutions that look fantastic and go the distance. If you’re thinking about building your own custom home, don’t forget to pop into our Albury Selection Centre to find out how Noelene can weave her magic for you. You’ll walk away inspired!

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